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It is very difficult to find housing in Lille upon arrival in September. However, the Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Chimie de Lille has signed an agreement with the CROUS Office, reserving rooms for our students.

Residence halls (Bachelard, Boucher, Camus, Galois residence) are located on campus, close to the mess halls and to the metro. Rooms are attributed to students in September. These rooms are entirely under the supervision of ENSCL.

Application for a room :

Students accepted to Lille must fill out their accommodation form before 15th of April if arriving in September and the 30th of October for an arrival in the second semester and send it by e-mail to : international@ensc‐

If the student is offered a room by the International Office and accepts, he/she has to live in this room for the entire period of his/her stay . Please note that the student will be charged a full month whatever the arrival/departure date.

All reservations are irrevocable and engage the student for the duration of their stay. In the eventuality that the student wishes to leave the room earlier than predicted, without warning, one-month of rent will be charged. During the stay, any early departure from the room must be preceeded by a 2-month written notice to the International Office. No change of address will be tolerated without the consultation of the International Office of ENSCL first.


Kind of accommodation (according to availability) :

Kind of accommodation

Rent per month

Hall of residence : “Chambre réhabilitée”standard A
(This kind of room has a shared kitchenette in the corridor but individual toilets and bathroom)
From 241,70 €
to 299,60 €
Hall of residence : “Chambre traditionnelle équipée”standard B
(This kind of room has an individual kitchenette but shared toilets and a bathroom in the corridor)
From 200,20 € to 202,40 €
Room 9 m² : equipped with a single size bed, a sink, a fitted cupboard, a work table, a fridge and two hot plates (available in a “Chambre traditionnelle équipée”), a jack for TV reception and a plug for a phone connection. Sheets and blankets can be rented.

Administrative fees :

Each student must pay administrative fees to book a room (30 €).
Fees can be paid by visa-card :

Deposit :

Upon Arrival, every student must pay the first month’s rent and give a deposit equivalent to one month’s rent.

To retrieve your deposit : Make an appointment with the residence secretary in order to complete an inventory of the room the day before your departure. The deposit will be refunded to you (by bank transfer on to your French account) after proof, from the caretaker, that no damage has been done, and if the payments are all in order.

Payment :

The rent must be paid before the 10th of every month.


Home Insurance (compulsory) :

Home insurance provides protection for your housing, furniture, your personal belongings and it also provides you with civil liability insurance. The Residence Hall does not accept liability for loss or damage to a resident’s personal effects. Therefore, taking insurance for your personal goods is recommended.

Housing Benefit (CAF) :

As a student intending to rent a flat or stay in university halls of residence, you are eligible for housing benefit provided your resources meet certain conditions.
The family benefits organisation (CAF) provides a web service to simplify the administrative formalities.
Go to and submit your housing benefit request online. Practical guide : download

 Accommodation guide (excluding hall of residence)

Contact :

Ms Samantha LIÉNARD
Tel : + 33 (0)3 20 33 62 75
E‐mail : international@ensc‐
Office n°17